Burning Wheels video


About the video & Music Gothenburg Inline” Extra thanks to these players who made these film possible with leader Börje Börjesson. ”Burning Wheels” is a love explanation for a sport that never got a chance to grow in Sweden! 20 years ago.

Steve Future started Haninge Inline Mates .. their Black match jerseys can be seen in the back of the band. Music Recorded in Nacksving studio by Isak Gothenburg & Blood Trail studio Vasterhaninge Sweden By Steve Future.

Peter Melin & Simon Carlstedt
Steve Future – Vocal, Harmonica
Peter Melin – Drums & Ackustisk Guitar
Henrik Wartel – Drums
Nikke Ström – Bas
Bengan- Blomgren – Guitar

Majk Zangrelle – Film and Cutting
Special thanks to Börje Salming and Håkan Loob