7 Cities Double LP




Double LP – Limited Edition vinyl


Steve Future releases his new album “7 Cities” as double vinyl LP!
Produced in New Orleans, Nashville, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm & Gothenburg


Steve hosts the show Östersjöblues (“Baltic Blues,” broadcast on Radio Haninge) when he is not on tour and celebrating 35 years as a musician! He debuted at the 1984 Kristianstad Jazz Festival. Since then, Steve has performed at venues including Fasching, Mosebacke and Kägelbanan, and he recently filled Engelen on a Wednesday night and completely owned the place. With 1,800 live gigs in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Canada, the US and England, he has garnered enormous appreciation outside of Sweden and to reach his new listeners, “Brand New Day” was recorded in Alicia Keys’ studio in New York. It was spun over 9,000 times and spent 9 weeks on the American Top 200 chart, coming in at 163rd place in early 2016.


Past productions:


First Take (1994), Späckhuggarrock (1995), Kudden (2006),
Din St. Louis Blues (2007) and Before New Orleans (2012)
Four Cities (2017)
It Takes Time (2017)
7 Cities 2018 CD
Blue Heron Single 2019
7 Cities 2019 Vinyl.


How was 7 Cities made? It began with a guest performance by SF in Canada in 2013 during an Old Timer Hockey Tournament in front of 4,500 people.


SF received standing ovations, “The puck was still turned to sand” = “Rush in Vain,” which is on the album “Before New Orleans” He plays hockey for Hammarby!


It’s good to have a harmonica on hand… CARHA hockey, don’t forget that!


And so the trips and performances for an American audience continued….   A studio in New Orleans…“Rat Poison” found just the right sound and in New York, in Alicia Keys’ studio, the song “Brand New Day” was made, which ended up in the Top 200 at 163rd place. Right under Maroon 5. Zara Larsson was also on the list!


The video was made in Västmanland
(On drums: Bobby Rondinelli of  Black Sabbath, Rainbow)




Steve continues to record and finds new challenges by going to London, “Abbey Road 3” and “Future Kids” and “Bananas & Diamonds” with a British gospel choir to give the song the right energy. Björn & Peter Melin, Joakim Jägerhult and Linn Fijal (!) came along.


Berlin and the Hansa studio were next, which is where magic was created in “Blended” and  “Blue Volvo Berlin.” Max Schultz on guitar, James Bradley Junior, Peter Melin & Simon Carlstedt came along!


In Stockholm at Benny Andersson’s studio…(Björn Uhr x Attack) made their last recordings…We bring 2 songs and weep over the loss of Björn Uhr! “Blue Heron & Key Hole” The final mix of Massacre was made in Nashville.


Gothenburg “Nacksving,” ”Burning Wheels” with Bengt Blomgren and Nikke Ström. We finish with SF recording 6 songs with CÓRDOVAS in Nashville  “Waterfall,” “Don’t Mean Nothing” & “Civil War” are songs that received extra attention in Germany, among other places.


The “Waterfall” video was produced in Nashville and is now released on this new website.


There is an article from Länstidningen


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